College Night Routine 2018

With Ohio State making it to week six of the school year, I have finally started to cement my night routine. Between balancing massive amounts of homework for my engineering pre-reqs to trying my best to have some form of social life and stay in shape, my night routine is crucial. While my routine does vary slightly based on the day of the week, for the most part it is as follows.

My Ideal Weekday Nigh Routine

4:00 pm: I get back to my dorm after class most days around 4 and immediately change into more comfortable clothes and unwind. I spend about an hour and a half relaxing on my phone watching Netflix or YouTube and eating a small snack.

5:30 pm: At around 5:30 the homework grind starts. I start off by doing any homework that absolutely has to be done by the next day, whether it be finishing up an essay or completing calc problems.

6:30 pm: Normally I can complete all my next day homework in around an hour so at 6:30 we have dinner time. I live on North Campus at Ohio State so the dining hall near me is supposedly the best. While it is a buffet style dinning hall, you can also take food to go, which is my normal routine. Dinner for me is normally a time to break from work so I will normally spend about an hour eating my food and checking social media and watching more YouTube.

7:30 pm: Now at this point of the night I have everything that HAS to be done complete but engineering like most stem college courses has tons of homework. In order to not feel like I’m drawing in the massive amounts of homework I have I like to spend an extra hour or two getting started on homework that is due later in the week. If for some reason I have no homework due for the rest of the week, or more likely it’s online homework and I do not have access to it yet, I’ll work on studying and taking notes. (If you’d like a post on my study routine or note taking tips let me know)

9:30 pm: The way I spend my time from 9:30-10:30 really heavily depends on the day of the week for me. If it is a Monday or Thursday I will normally try and go to the gym to get an hour long workout in. Otherwise I’ll spend the time either cleaning up my dorm and workspace, or doing some self care.

10:30 pm: At this point in the night it is time to shower and put on comfy clothes. I do my night time skin care routine and settle into bed.

11:00 pm: I’ve recently started taking melatonin at night to help me sleep deeper and so far I’ve really been enjoying it. After taking my melatonin and setting my alarm, I normally put in some headphones and wind down until I feel like going to bed.

While guys, that’s it, my college night routine for fall semester of my freshmen year of college.

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