What’s in my Pencil Case?

I’ve been going through a bit of a stationary phase. I got sucked into the studyblr community both on Tumblr and youtube and it kind of sent be on a spree of pen shopping. Here’s what I have in my pencil case (aka the cute writing tools I recommend).

Zebra Mildliners

If you ever scrolled through Pinterest and seen a photo of super cute and organized notes with past with aesthetically pleasing highlighting, it’s probably these highlighters. I picked up a 15 pack of them at target for around $15, but you can find smaller pack on amazon and even single highlighters on Etsy. They have a larger chisel tip side for highlighting and a thinner pointed side for writing or underlining.

Tombow Duo Bursh Pens

Much like the zebra milliners if you’ve ever seen notes with pretty calligraphy style titles it’s probably these. Personally I can’t do any fancy calligraphy but they’re fun to use for notes anyway. I have three colors, 451, 772, and 620, and I love them.

Pental Energel X

I really like to color code in my planner so I am a big fan of colored pens. I have three colors, pink, purple, and blue, for work, class, and clubs/activities. They write super smooth and dry quickly so they don’t smudge, which is all I look for in a pen.

Sakura Gelly Roll

Speaking of pens, I also keep a 0.6 mm black and a 0.8 mm white gelly roll pen. I love taking notes in the black and the white is always nice to have for mistakes.

Stabillo Fine Liners

I have two of the stabile fine liners in the 0.4 mm size. I just got these at a local art store and I’m still playing around with them. They’re nice for bolding important point in my notes but I’m not suer what else I’ll use them for yet.

Bic Glitter Mechanical Pencils

There’s not much to say about these mechanical pencils other than they work well, they’re cute, and most importantly they’re cheap.

Pentel Hi-Polymer Eraser

While I haven’t tried tons of erasers in my time, this one is my favorite. It has a decent size and erases well without leaving behind tons little pieces of eraser shavings.


Last but not least I have a blue Pilot G-2 0.7 mm pen, an Expo ultra fine dry erase marker, and some page flags.


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