10 Ways To Destress In College

College is super stressful. Its just part of life. Now that were halfway through the semester, midterms and mid semester projects are due and stress is even worse. Here’s ten ways that I destress and stay said during the most stressful parts of the semester.

1. Face Masks

I love face masks. So much. I kind of hoard face masks if we’re being honest. My favorite kind are Korean sheet masks and I always buy them in bulk. If you’re lucky you can find them marked down super low at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. Outside of sheet masks I also really like Lush’s Mask if Magnaminty and the

2. Working Out

If you’re anything like me than making time for the gym during school can be hard. You’re always drowning in work and working out takes up time you could spend getting work down. At the end of the day though working out is super relaxing, plus it makes your happier and gets your mind off everything. Wether you’re going on a 15 minute run or a 50 minute run, working out helps. Additionally, if you’re college is anything like Ohio State you get a gym pass including in your tuition. Plus a lot of schools have free workout classes offered at said gyms. I love going to late night yoga but we have everything from Zumba to kickboxing and more.

3. Shower/Take a bath

Whatever time of the day it is it’s always nice to get in a warm shower and wash away your stress. If you’re a commuter or you’re just lucky enough to have a bath tub, taking a bath when some bubble bath or a bath bomb is always relaxing.

4. Watch some Netflix/YouTube

Whether you have time for a full fledge movie or just time for a 10 minute makeup tutorial, getting some screen time means getting your mind off whatever you’re doing. If you’re really struggling to stay motivated to study you can even make it a pattern. Study for 30 and you can watch a YouTube video after.

5. Go outside

Get out of your dorm/library and get some air. Whatever the weather (except maybe rain) getting outside means escaping your study space and getting fresh air and some nature. Plus just walking around can help destress you too.

6. Shopping

Okay so maybe this isn’t the best method in the long term. But when you finish a bunch of midterms or a long project there’s nothing quite like rewarding yourself for it. And while some people like to get their nails done or go out to eat, I am a huge fan of shopping.

7. Snacking

Like shopping this probably isn’t one you should do too much but grabbing some ice cream or a brownie after a long exam season is always a nice treat.

8. Animals

Most people don’t have pets in college, but if you do you’re lucky. Thankfully, I have my ESA Hayes. For the rest of you there’s nothing like going home to your family pets. If you’re far from home or don’t have any pets you can always go to a local humane society or shelter. They always have tons of animals in need of some love.

9. Going home

If you can go home and go see your family on weekends it’s definitely worth it. Get to eat a home cooked meal or maybe your fav local restaurant are always nice. Most importantly there’s nothing quite like sleeping in your own better after being in a cramped dorm bed. If you’re college is too far away for a random pop home you can always call your parents. If they’re anything like mine they’ll be super excited to hear from you and know you’re doing well(ish).

10. Going to bed

At some point in the early hours of the night you must come to the realization that cramming really isn’t helpful and you won’t learning anything new at 3 am. So go to bed. Trust me. It’s super hard to concentrate on anything, much less an exam or project, when you’re tired. You’ll be happier when you wake up and it will give you a much needed break.

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