College Winter Essentials

After growing up in the Midwest and then picking a college there I am pretty well versed in midwest winters. Here’s a few essential pieces that I could not make it through the winter without having. I’ll make sure I like some of my favorites in each section so you can have some examples.

Winter Coat

For your winter coat I really recommend going with a long one. Mine goes to my mid thighs and I have friends who have them that go to their knees. Having the extra length in your coat makes all the difference I promise.

North Face

Fleece Coat

Having a thicker fleece coat is another great thing to have when it starts to get cold out. When it’s not too cold they make a good stand alone jacket. And when it’s absolutely freezing and you have to walk from one side of campus to the other sometimes it helps to layer jackets too.

North Face

Hat and Gloves

While these seem like common sense things to own, you’d be surprised by the amount of college students who don’t use them. Get a nice water proof pair of tech gloves and they’ll change your life.

gloves: North Face

hat: North Face Lululemon

Thermal Layers

Having a nice thermal long sleeve, thermal leggings or even just a thermal short sleeve can help keep you warm on the bitter cold game days.

long sleeve: Uniqlo

leggings: Uniqlo

Snow Boots

Keep your feet warm and dry during the winter months with a nice pair of thick snow boots. While boots like uggs seem warm, once they get wet your feet will freeze. Instead opt for something more like a duck boot or real snow boots to keep you warm.


Thick Socks

Just like boots having a nice pair of warm crew socks will keep you warm both inside and out. Some buildings on campus have horrible heating and when you’re trying to study or sleep it is important to not be distracted by the cold.

LL Bean

Whether you’re going to school in a new cold climate or you just never got around to getting proper winter attire, I hope that these essential keep you warm and toasty during this winter season.

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