College Summer Savings

With summer now in full swing, many students are working their summer jobs and trying to earn a little spending money. For me personally, I work a retail job and then any side hustle I can get. Whether that’s babysitting, petsitting, reselling clothes, etc. Check out my post on side hustles here.

With all the money I’m making it would be easy to spend it all on clothes and entertainment, but for me it’s important to save. As a college student I have some expenses and cannot work as much as I’d like during the school year (yay 17 credit hours). This means that I need to put aside money for those things in advance.

This summer I chose to challenge myself to save $3,300 before school starts up. I will be tracking it using charts I made on my IPad Pro, with each square representing $10.

Here’s my mid July progress

Yes that’s a lot. But for me it was important that I could put aside money for necessities throughout the school year ($800/semester), sorority dues ($600/semester), and to do something fun over spring break next year ($500). Additionally, I am trying to put money towards my student loans and other sinking funds as well.

Hopefully I can accomplish my summer savings goals. Check back in to the blog for updates all summer about personal finance and more.

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