Top 5 College Side Hustles

College can be an expensive time of life. Between tuition, books, food, Greek life, concerts, Uber’s, and others the costs can start to add up. Read below for five ways to earn a little extra money in college.


If you have a car on campus this is the probably the easiest way to make money in college. now offers free background checks for all sitters who sign up and as a sitter it is completely free. Just upload a bit of information about yourself and you can start applying to jobs right away. If you use this method just make sure you meet potential employers in public places first.


Do you have a particular skill you think people would pay for? If so, fiverr could be for you. It allows you to offer up any type of job or skill that you think someone would pay $5 for. It can be hard to start on this website but if you work hard then you can make some money.

3. Poshmark

If you have any old clothes or shoes hanging around, list them on Poshmark. You can set the price for people to buy and poshmark will take care of all shipping cost and transaction information for you for a small fee. If you don’t have a poshmark already, use my sign up code KATELYNLEIGHX for a free $10.

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is in no way shape or form a get rich quick kind of website. You can answer surveys, watch videos, search items, play games, and more and earn bucks. These bucks can then be redeemed for gift cards and more. Consistency is really key here so if you know you only have 20 minutes between classes and need something to do, this site is a good fit. Personally in total I’ve probably spent about 20 hours on the site and received $12 in Amazon gift cards, $20 in Target gift cards, and $50 in Paypal gift cards. So not a great per hour rate but it’s also a job you can do at 2 am when you can’t sleep. If your’e interested use my link here to sign up and a get a bonus.

5. Campus Jobs

Now I know a campus job isn’t exactly a side hustle, but there are quite a few jobs that take little to no effort and that can be super enjoyable. If you get a job with your campus dining you can often get free food and drinks at every shift. If you’re skilled in a specific type of workout, you can teach it at the campus gym. There’s also always tons of administrative/desk jobs where you check people in/out of buildings, transfer phone calls, etc and can spend a majority of the time watching Netflix or doing homework. Check your college’s website to see if they have a job posting board for students.

What ways have you used to make money while in college? Which methods do you want to try? Let me know below.

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