5 Tips to Start the Semester Off Right

Fall semester is about to start, and a lot of students start each semester with good intentions. Everyone wants to do well academically and have a good time doing so. Here’s my top five ways to set yourself up for success this semester.

1. Get Organized

One of the best ways to start out a new semester is to make sure that you get everything organized. Set up your study space so that when you need to study you already have a good spot set up. Also be sure to clean out your inbox, unsubscribe from unnecessary subscription lists, and delete old files and photos.

2. Make a Study Plan

In order to get good grades, it’s important to make sure you have a plan to do this. Do you have an hour between classes? Sure you could spend it scrolling through twitter, or you could find a comfy seat at the library and set aside this time for writing your weekly discussion post or doing some quick studying. Figure out where you have time throughout the week to focus on academics and pick some places you think you’ll be able to get some quiet time. Setting a study plan in place helps you schedule things with you friends, while also making sure you focus on academics.

3. Set a Goal

One major way to start off a new semester is to pick a goal for yourself. While it’s important to be reasonable with your goal, its also important to set a goal that you’ll have to work towards. Did you miss the dean’s list by .2 last semester? Make that your new goal. Do you constantly skip your classes? Set a goal to attend as many as possible. Whatever your goal is, pick it and stick to it this semester.

4. Plan Something Fun

It’s easy to get swept away into focusing purely on academics when you think about the upcoming semester. Plan a few fun things for yourself to do during the semester. It helps keep moral up and gives you something to look forward to. Things like concerts, day trips, sporting events, shopping, and more can all work as your something fun.

5. Be Nice to Yourself

The fifth most important part of settling yourself up for a good semester is to make sure you prioritize yourself and your well being. Make sure that you keep an eye on your mental health and know when to step back from things. Make sure you celebrate small victories no matter what they are. If you’re struggling in a class, a B- on a quiz could be a huge milestone to reach and be excited for.

What do you plan on doing to set yourself up for success this semester? Let me know below.

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