8 Best College Move In Day Tips

1. Dress Comfy

My first tip for move in day is to make sure you dress the part. While it can be tempting to do your hair and makeup and wear a cute outfit to impress your new neighbors, don’t. Wear something comfortable that you can move in. You’ll be carrying things in and out of the car and either waiting in cramped elevators, or taking more flights of stairs then you like, so you’ll be sweaty. Plus with everyone moving in the same day, parents will be everywhere saying goodbyes, so you probably won’t really meet anyone until that night.

2. Relax

When everything starts to get hectic or the line gets backed up take a second to just breathe and relax. You’ll get moved in regardless and everything will be okay. This same rule applies to the way your dorm looks. It’s hard to picture what it will look like when you’ve never been in it.

3. Label Boxes/Bags

Before you move in make sure you label every box/bag that you’re bringing so you know exactly where it goes. It’ll make it a lot easier to move in this way. Also make sure that you label anything that could be fragile, so when you unload the car it doesn’t end up at the bottom of your bin or just get tossed on the ground.

4. Pre Organize

This tip helps speed up the process a ton. If you have a divider that’ll go in your desk, put all you stationary items in it the way you want. Then simply tape a piece of wax paper over the top. When you move in you can just peel the piece off and put it in your drawer. This also works for organizing clothes or any small drawer unfits you’re bringing.

5. Bring Water/Snacks

Move in will take a long time to complete, and it will be super busy. Make sure you pack lots of snacks and water so that you can take a break when you get hungry. Save meals for after the fact so that you can enjoy them with your friends and family.

6. Schedule your move in with your roommates

The time you move in is incredibly important and can make the move in process either much better or much worse. Talk to your roommate before you pick your move in time. Schedule a few hours apart and you’ll have more room to work with as you unpack.

7. Enjoy It

A lot of people forget that you only move into your freshman dorm once. Take lots of pictures as keep sakes.

8. Be nice to your Parents

When things start to get hectic it can be easy to take it out on your parents or family who are helping you move in. Don’t! This can often be a hard day for them as you’ve always lived with them. Let them cry, take too many pictures, hug you a ton, and maybe even give them a call that night to thank them.

Move in for me is in just over a week. When do you move in?

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