How to Make Money Shopping

When people think about saving money when shopping or sticking to a budget, they never truly think about how they can MAKE money buying their groceries. As a college student who’s trying to not go broke grocery shopping, here are the tips and ways I found to not only save money on groceries but to make money grocery shopping.


Obviously the easiest way to save money while grocery shopping is to use coupons. While you don’t need to be an extreme coupon, it never hurts to log into and see if they have any for things you are already planning on buying.

Ibotta/Checkout 51

These two apps are good if you forget about finding coupons pre grocery trip. These work by you going to the store you shopped with and selecting rebates for items you purchased on your last grocery trip. You can get anywhere from a couple cents to the full cost of the item back for purchasing. Just click the rebate and the upload a photo of your receipt and your earn cash back. Both sites do require you to earn at least a certain amount back before you can redeem, but they are both possible threshold if you use the app semi commonly.

Earn up to $10 free on Checkout 51 with my link

Fetch Rewards

This is one of my favorite apps. For this one you literally just scan all of your grocery receipts into the app and it awards you points for purchasing certain items of from certain brands. It’s super easy and only takes a minute max per trip. You can then redeem your points for all kinds of gift cards, including amazon and target. Personally I’ve earned a $5 target gift card.

To get a free 3000 points (aka a free $3 gift card after your first receipt scan) use my code: DG15Q

Receipt Hog

Just like fetch rewards, this one simply has you scan you receipt for points back. These points can be redeemed for amazon, visa, and PayPal gift cards. This one takes a little longer to earn rewards but it takes basically no time so it doesn’t hurt anything. Plus you can scan each receipt into both receipt hog and fetch rewards.


This one is a little different because this one kinda just pays you to shop in general. For this app simply open the app when you enter a store (Target, Walmart, Dollar General, T.J. Maxx, and a TON more). You can earn points by walking into most of these stores (aka no purchase required). Additionally, you can earn points by scanning items in stores. Theres a list sorted by product type and you get the points for just scanning. You can then also get points by buying any of the listed items. Just scan in your receipt and select the purchased items. Finally, some stores (like Auntie Anne’s) give you points based on the amount that you spend. Being able to earn points without even needing to spend money is pretty great. I’ve earned a $5 target gift card from this app.


Swagbucks is an awesome app for earring money (to learn more read about it in my post about side hustles). They recently added a new feature where you can now scan in any receipt and get points for scanning it. Which if you already use this site, this is another great way to earn more points. They also offer a similar service to ebates where you can earn points for shopping through their website.

Here’s my link for a free 150 points (aka $1.50 gift card)

Walgreens Rewards

If you live or work near a Walgreens this one can be pretty nice. If you sign up for their rewards you earn points towards money off your purchases. Additionally, you can even earn $1 off every month just for walking and syncing it with your phone or fitness tracker. If found that normally drugstores are closer to campus than grocery stores, so these free rewards are especially nice. The app has a ton of coupons that you can use just by selecting them on the app/website and then inputing your phone number at check out. Sometimes you even get extra points (up to 5000 which is $5) for buying multiples of certain items of spending a certain amount on one brand. This is especially nice if its a product or line you really like.

Hopefully some of these help save you a few extra bucks while shopping. Let me know what your favorites are.

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