What’s in my Backpack

Hi everyone. I’ve had a few requests for a What’s in my Backpack post so I figured I should get the post up. Just as a bit of background, I am a City and Regional Planning Major and sophomore student at The Ohio State University. I have a break between my classes everyday and so I like to have everything I may need so I can get work down during this period. Additionally, I have a campus job where I can occasionally get homework done as well, so my backpack accompanies me there as well. I use an all black Northface Jester backpack. I’ve owned three Northface backpacks and have never been let down by the quality.

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Main Pocket

The most important item in my backpack is my IPad Pro and apple pencil. All of the members of my graduating class and all the ones following were given IPad Pros at our orientations. I use this for all of my in class note taking, along with keeping one of my textbooks on it. (For more information about how I use it to take notes check my post here)

The next item in my backpack is my black leuchtturm 1917 notebook. I use this for to do lists, notes to myself, and planning blog posts. I love the compact size and the paper quality.

I keep one plastic folder from five star in my bag as well. I’ve had this one for years and it has held up great. I keep all my syllabi in it along with any class handouts. Additionally, I keep some large index cards in it as well, for rewriting my stats notes as a review method.

Another important item in my bag is my Day Designer Planner. I’ve used this brand of planner for years (after hearing about it from Danielle Carolan). It’s definitely the best one I have ever used and I like that it has both an hourly schedule portion and a spot for assignments.

Next I have two pencil cases in my backpack. The first is a hard plastic Muji case. It holds some page flags, paper clips, rubber bands, two mildliners, gellyroll pens (black and white), a grey stabilo fineliner and a black le pen.

The second pencil case is from ikea. I keep a few tombow dual brush pens (772, 451, 243, 620, 942, and 761), some colored pentel energel pens, more mildliners, erasable pens, a sharpie highlighter, some mechanical pencils, blue pens, and a ultra fine expo dry erase marker.

Front Pocket

The first item in this portion of my backpack is pepper spray. While I have one currently, I recently took a self defense class that strongly recommended this as it is both a Self defense tool and pepper spray if you’re looking to purchase one.

Next I have small first aid kit in a tupperware with extra contacts, bandaids, some medication, floss, and aquaphor.

Additionally, I have another small tupperware holding a few types of hair ties, clips, cuticle cream, and feminine products.

I also keep some post its and a calculator.

I keep a third pencil case in this portion of my bag as well (I might be a slight stationary fan). This one is from target and holds more mildlilners, a bunch of colored papermate inkjoy minis, and some colored stabilo finelilners.

In terms of tech items, I keep a phone charger and some headphones in my bag at all times.

Finally, I keep my wallet and keys in this pocket.

Side Pockets

My backpack has two side water bottle pockets. I keep an umbrella in one, along with one of my favorite chapsticks. In the other side I keep my water bottle.

Is there anything that you keep in your backpack that I should? Let me know below.

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