5 Tips for a Cute Dorm

When it comes to moving to college, many girls get excited about the opportunity to decorate their dorm as cute as possible. Not only does decorating your dorm make it a little easier to spend time in, but also because it helps make your dorm feel like your home away from home. Despite only living in dorms for my freshman year, I ended up having two separate dorms. Here are my best tips for having the cutest dorm on your floor, and some of my favorite dorm decor inspo pics.

Also, thank you to Taylor @taylor.renner for letting me use her pics from her freshman dorm

1. Prioritize your bed

Dorms are notoriously small, and there’s rarely room for any extra furniture. This means that the bed is often the center point of your dorm room. Its important to prioritize having a cute bed if you want your space to look good. Pick a more neutral comforter and accessorize with plenty of cute pillows. By making the pillows the center point, you can easily change your dorms decor for the season or if you get tired of it.

2. Organization is key

When you have such a little space, even one thing out of place can make your dorm look messy. Make sure you prioritize proper organization in order to prevent this. My favorite organization tool is cute storage bins. The bins are bound to be visible due to the lack of space, so its for the best that they look cute. My favorite place to get storage bins is home goods, due to the variety.

3. Desk Decor

Every dorm has a desk, and it is likely one of the only furniture pieces besides the bed. The desk is essential for organizing not only your school supplies, but your beauty products, and other small items. The desk also acts as a place to show your personality with some pictures, figures, and decorations.

4. Pick versatile decor

When decorating your dorm, it can be tempting to pick items that will fit each holiday theme. Instead, try to pick just one of two decor items for each holiday (like Halloween, or Christmas) and decorate with more seasonal pieces instead. Pumpkins and fall leaves an cover both Halloween and thanksgiving. Snowflakes get you through all of winter and not just Christmas. Additionally, if you pick changeable decorations, like letterboards, you can change the phrase with each new holiday or occasion without buying something new. My favorite place to look for inspo for what to write on my letter board is pinterest. Here’s my board full of inspo sayings.

5. Coordinate with your roomate

While you may not always get the opportunity to match decor with your roommate, do it if you can. Its possible to coordinate even if you have different styles y just picking similar colors. This way your things will always match but you each get the opportunity to pick something that fits your personal style.

Need more dorm inspo? Check out my college board on pinterest.

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