College Morning Routine

When it comes to preparing myself for a day of classes, my routine varies due to my schedule. Two days a week I start class at 8 am and roll out of bed straight to class. I start into my morning routine after this class. The other two days a week I have class it isn’t until 11. This is when I really launch into a full routine. Without further ado, here’s how I start my days as a college sophomore.

In terms of my 11 am days, I wake up between 8 and 9 am. I normally lounge in bed for about 20 minutes checking social media, the blog, YouTube, and my emails.

Once I actually pull myself out of bed, I make my way to the bathroom to put in my contacts. I have horrible vision so I really can’t function without theses.

Next I have to deal with Hayes. For those of you who don’t know, Hayes is my cat and ESA. He gets a small amount of dry food in the morning and a single serving sized wet food. I do overfeed him because he only eats until he’s full and because my schedule varies so much I don’t always get the chance to feed him on a regular schedule. Having some extra food ensures he never goes hungry. I also make sure that there’s nothing in his water bowl (he puts toys here all the time) and refill it for him.

Next comes breakfast. I try and not snack late at night, so when I wake up I’m almost always hungry. There’s a few things I rotate between for breakfast. If I am headed to an 8 am, I normally grab a banana and a protein shake. However, because I have more time on my 11 am days, I instead opt for a bowl of cereal with some soy milk.

After breakfast if I have the energy I’ll normally do some kind of light workout. This varies between stretching, yoga, or walking around for awhile. I find that getting some sort of activity in during my mornings helps wake me up and prepare me for the day.

If I don’t have the energy for a workout, I tend to gravitate towards getting some caffeine. I’m not a huge coffee person, and don’t find that it gives me much energy. Instead I often opt to get some pop in the morning. It’s obviously not the healthiest but it helps get me through my day.

Next I move on to cleaning my apartment. This only happens on my 11 am start days. I always scoop Hayes litter, load my dishes into my dishwasher, put away any stray items, vacuum, and swifter. Having a clean space really helps me concentrate when I work on homework. It also helps me manage my anxiety and feel more comfortable in my space.

Now it’s time for homework. My 11 am class pretty much always has some kind of required reading. I always wait and do this until the morning before because I have a tendency to forget it or fall asleep if I attempt this that night before. If you want a more detailed look into how I annotate readings and textbooks, let me know here. Next, if I have any homework for my online class, I’ll work on it during this time.

After I make some progress on my school things, I always start getting around for the day. I check the weather every day before class and choose my outfits accordingly. I don’t dress up for class frequently, and have been a big fan of the athleisure look instead.

Next I lunch into my makeup routine. This normally consists of some eye cream, filling in my brows, and throwing on some mascara.

I normally have about an hour after I finish my routine. I spend this time lounging around my apartment, watching YouTube and hanging with Hayes before class.

And that’s my full morning routine as a college sophomore. What’s your morning routine look like?

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