September Blogging Report

Hi guys! Welcome to my September 2019 blogging report. Interested in how August went? Click here.

I’m still a small blogger so please be mindful of that when looking at these results.

Views: 1353

Viewers: 672

Most Popular Post: How to Set Goals in College

This is the first month that I started using tailwind as a method for scheduling on pinterest. I’m still using the free version and will continue to do so until I can justify the cost. I also started researching SEO optimization to learn more about gathering new traffic to the blog.

Pinterest Followers: 162
Instagram Followers: 147

I also took the leap and created an Instagram just dedicated to the blog. The username is @katelynleighxblog if you want to check it out to stay updated on new posts.


Amazon Affiliate: $0.54
Share a Sale: $0.00

Total: $0.54

Total: $0.00

I managed to have no blog expenses for the month which is great. I also made a sale through my amazon affiliate link, meaning I profited this month which is great. I am in the process of saving to switch to a self hosted format. If anyone has any tips for good ones, please leave them below.

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