25 Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween less than a month out, so it’s about time to start brainstorming costume ideas if you haven’t yet. Halloween is a whole weekend if not two here in college. This means you end up needing multiple costumes to get you through the different events. Even if you don’t go to frat parties and such, there are plenty of other Halloween functions you’ll get invited to. Here’s my 25 best ideas for easy Halloween costumes for college students. The first chunk will be good singular costumes, but the rest will be group ideas.

1. Vampire

This is the easiest costume if you need one last minute. Feel free to just wear all black, and throw on some fake blood or red face paint near your mouth.

2. Zombie

If you’re good with makeup this can be an awesome costume. Mixing green and purple eyeshadows can help create the look of bruised and decayed skin. Finish it off with some ripped up clothes. These can be things you want to get rid of anyway, or cheap items picked up from the thrift store.

3. Ghost

This is the easiest costume there is. Cut holes in a white sheet or oversized shirt for your eyes and your done.

4. Unicorn

White anything works for this costume. Simply pick up a simple horn headband, or make your own, to execute this look.

5. Cat

This costume is another super easy one. All you need is a pair of cheap cat ears. Throw them on and draw a nose and whiskers and you’re good to go. You can choose to do an all black look, incorporate some leopard print, or go for another color combo.

6. Soldier

Camo print is still one of the most popular prints on the market right now. For this costume you can wear all camo, all army green, or a mix. Throw on some chunky boots like doc martins if you have them to complete the look.

7. Athlete

If you have any jerseys from any sport you can pretty easily be an athlete of some kind. Throw on the jersey, some kind of bottom, and some eye black or sweatbands.

8. Cheerleader

Cheer costumes can be made using a simple crop top, tennis skirt, and some pompoms. Feel free to add a high ponytail or half up half down for the hair.

9. Alien

The headband is really the only required aspect of this costume. Wearing anyone pastel, metallic, holographic, or futuristic works for this costume.

10. Hippy

The hippy costume is a classic because of its ease of execution. Oversized tiedye shirts, headbands, round sunglasses and sandals are common in most people’s wardrobe.

11. School Girl

Plaid skirt suits have been getting more and more popular. Pair one with a white shirt and high socks and you have a costume.

12. Kim Possible

This costume is great because it really doesn’t require any additional purchases. Any long sleeve black top with olive green pants work for this costume. Add black booties, combat preferably, and your good.

13. Boxer

For this costume, you simply need to wear athletic clothing, and some kind of silky robe overtop. Makeup wise you can easily use eyeshadow to create a faux black eye. Adding some french or dutch braids in your hair also adds to the look.

Group Ideas:

14. Mean Girls

If you have a group of four, a mean girls costume isn’t a bad one. There’s quite a few iconic looks in the movie that can be used. Worst comes to worse you can always just wear a lot of early 2000s fashion and pink.

15. Spice Girls

While this is a popular costume, don’t be surprised if you have to explain what you are. Adding over ear microphones is the easiest way to sell this costume.

16. Fruit

This one is very easy and very good for last minute parties. Just pick up an oversized solid color t-shirt and add some seeds and details with markers to finish the look.

17. Disney Princesses

If you have a large group of people that want to coordinate costumes, disney is your best bet. With tons of princesses, everyone can find a costume. Other characters like milan, lilo, stitch, and alice can be added to increase the amount of characters.

18. Merman and Barnacle Boy

This costume definitely requires some diy aspects. Use card stock to construct the costume details like the belt buckles and seashells. Dish gloves and slippers make good accessories to finish the look off.

19. Cheetah Girls

This one is good for any girl group. Through on a velour track suit and you’re good to go.

20. Powder Puff Girls

If you’re a trio this is the one for you. If you really want to sell the look adding wigs would really sell it.

21. Scooby Doo

This theme is good if you have a mix gender group. As long as you stick to the right colors, the items themselves don’t have to be exact.

22. Super Mario

This theme is good for groups of a variety of sizes and can be cute or comfy. Simply pair a white or black bottom with a solid colored top. Adding on some kind of hat will really bring the look together. If you’re going as Mario or Luigi grab a simple cabby hat. If you want to be more accurate, try a nice pair of blue overalls to top everything off.

23. Alice in Wonderland

This is a really good group costume because there’s so many characters that you can do. Let everyone pick their favorite one. Pick from ideas like the mad hatter, Cheshire Cat, Alice, red queen, white rabbit, playing cards, and more.

24. Kiss

Throw on any kiss band tee, black bottoms, and some black face paint and you’re good to go. You can add fishnets and other accessories if you want to really go the extra mile.

25. Angel and Devil

This one requires only a few specific props. Have each person dress in either all red or all white. Throw on some wings and a halo if your the angel. You can add lots of highlight to make you look more ethereal. As for the devil side, pick up a simple set of horns and you’re good. Add a red or black lip to help bring the look together.

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