10 Amazon Products for Students

Amazon is one of the leading online retailers in the world. As it continues to grow and institute new policies, one stands out most. That is amazon prime. Two day free shipping is an incredible commodity for students living in dorm without access to cars for shopping. As a student, you even get free 6 months of Amazon Prime, and then discounted Amazon Prime if you continue the service. Here’s the link to sign up if you’re not already a member. Here’s my top 10 amazon products for students.

(this post may contain affiliate links. this means that I may make a small commission off any purchases made through my links, at no additional cost to you)

1. Anker Portable Charger, $29.99

I have this charger myself and I love it. I really like this charger because it has power IQ implemented in it. This means that it automatically turns itself off when whatever device it’s connected to is fully charged. Additionally, it has a few lights on the top that show you how much battery is left on the device. I use it during class when I can’t have my phone, and it normally gets me through about two days.

2. Clip On Fan, $20.89

I clipped this fan to the foot of my bed. It helped keep me cool throughout the night. Additionally, it produced a little bit of white noise. This made it easier for me to sleep through the night.

3. Clip On Light, $14.99

I put this on the edge of my bed. It was really great when I stayed up later then my roommates so that I could keep a light on without it being intrusive to my roommates. It was also helpful for finding my glasses in the middle of the night if we had a fire alarm or I needed something.

4. Lap Desk, $22.99

I had a small desk in my dorm. I used it to store all my school supplies, but mostly to get ready in the morning. The chair was uncomfortable and the desk space was cluttered so I tried to avoid using it for homework. Thats where a lap desk comes in. I’d use this in bed to give me a smooth yet comfortable way to do my homework.

5. Bed Rest Pillow, $29.99

I used this to help provide some padding when I sat up in bed. I used it when I studied in bed but I also used it when I relaxed. My bed was really the only space in my dorm where I could lounge as it was too small for a futon or chair. By forcing myself to sit up, I kept myself from falling asleep when I shouldn’t have.

6. Extra Long Phone Cord, $10.83

I was in the top bunk in my dorm. I had no access to any of the lower outlets and I liked having my phone with me while I slept. Having an extra long cord helped allow me to still be able to use my phone when it was charging. The extra long charger is also helpful when your bed is far from the outlet.

7. Stick on Phone Pocket, $5.97

These are used by pretty much every college student. Why? Because they’re amazing. Your student id is normally used to get you into your residence hall, dorm room, computer labs, campus gyms, pay for meals, and more. While it can be tempting to use a wallet, it will quickly become tedious to get it out of your backpack every time you need it. You can also throw your id and debit card in here to keep those on you as well.

8. Velvet Hangers, $39.99

I really like velvet hangers because they are thinner than normal hangers. This means that you can fit more in your closet that you could with traditional plastic hangers. Additionally, the velvet material keeps items like tank tops or necks from slipping off.

9. Reusable Coffee Cup, $9.95

Reusable coffee cups allow you to have somewhere to store your beverage, without hurting the environment. Additionally, many place will give you a discount off your purchase if your bring your own cup.

10. Clorox Wipes, $11.52

Ok, hear me out. These are the mot versatile cleaning product on the market. They can be used on desks, door handles, bathrooms, shoes, windows, mirrors, and more.

What are some of your college essentials? Leave a comment below.

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