How to Pick the Perfect College Roomate

It’s early April, which means lots of people are receiving their college acceptance letters. With acceptance letters and choosing a college, comes filling out housing contracts. When considering housing options for your freshman year of college, it’s important to consider what the roommate situation will be like. Here is my guide to having the perfect college roommate.

The first question to consider is whether or not you will have a roommate. While most colleges save singles for upperclassmen or for specific cases, some schools offer singles for freshmen as well. If this is an option for you and you’re considering it, make sure you think about what this will entail. While you may get a dorm to yourself, will you be social enough to make friends with your floor mates? Will you get lonely? Make sure to consider these things in depth before you decide.

So if you decide to have a roommate, or you are one of the majority who doesn’t get to choose whether or not you have a roommate, the next potential choice is how many? Many colleges have two person dorms, but some have four person, six person, and even eight person dorms. The more roommate you have, the more likely that you’ll get along really well with one. However, on the reverse side, the more roommates you have the more likely you’ll hate one. Weigh the options carefully before you decide to proceed.

The next question that comes up, is should you room with someone you know? Now this could be a best friend, family friend, peer from high school, or some other connection. It can be tempting to room with someone that you know. You may already know you like this person, or at the very least they will provide you a sense of familiarity while in college. This can be an incredible support to have when entering college and finding your way, but it can also have negatives. While you may see this person as your best friend, would you want to live with them? And I mean really think about this? They may be nice and have the same hobbies as you, but how messy are they? Are they a morning person while you’re a night person? All of these questions and more are worth discussing before living with someone you know already. If you talk through these things and everything lines up, then go for it! But the last thing you want is to lose your best friend due to issues with housing. You can always visit your friends whenever you want to maintain your friendships.

If you don’t know anyone going to the same school as you, you don’t want to room with some you know or even if you’re just looking to branch out and make some new friends in college, then keep reading. Now there are two ways to get a roommate if you’re in this situation. You can go random, or you can find one yourself.

I’ll start with the random roommate. If you’re someone who is willing to trust the process or who doesn’t want to find one on there own than a random roommate is the one for you. Most colleges won’t fully randomly assign roommates. They will try and match you up with someone you will mesh well with. To do this they will often have you take a short quiz about your habits. Some of the questions on Ohio State’s were “Are you a Morning or Night person?”, “How clean do you expect the room to be at all times?”, “Do you plain to use drugs or alcohol during your time at college?”, and “Are you comfortable with living with a LGBTQ+ roommate?”. It’s extremely important that you answer these questions truthfully. I promise you that no one will judge you based on how you answer these questions. You will regret lying on these I promise.

Through the random process, it is almost guaranteed that you’ll at least get a roommate you can coexist with. There the possibility that you will be best friends too. But pending that you both answer these questions honestly, than you should be able to make it through dorm living in one piece.

If you are too afraid of the random roommate process (trust me I get it), then you may want to find a roommate on your own. The easiest and most common way to find a roommate will be on facebook. Someone will have likely already started a group called “*insert school here* Class of ****”. The main job of these groups is to help you connect with those in your incoming class. There will be PLENTY of posts of people looking for roommates. Feel free to simply reach out to those who have already posted, or make your own post. Some things to include are:

Your name

Your major

Where you’re from

Some interests

Expectations in regards to drugs/alcohol/lights out/cleanliness/etc

And some pictures of yourself and social media

Feel free to find the best fit for yourself and not just say yes to the first person who reaches out to you. You’ll be living with this person for a full school year and it’s important that you can get along.

Hopefully this guide helps you find the best possible roommate and living situation for your dorm freshmen year. College is a great experience and the last thing you want is to dread your living situation. Good luck on your roommate search and your freshmen year of college.

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