7 Sorority Recruitment DONT’S

If you’re considering going through sorority recruitment, you’re bound to have gotten advice from friends/family/siblings/etc. Or you’ve begun researching recruitment and what it’s like. Regardless, it feels like everyone wants to tell you what to do, instead of what NOT to do. Here’s my list of sorority recruitment dont’s than anyone considering rushing should know.

1. DONT dress revealingly

Every college and every sorority differs on what exactly they consider too revealing, but if you’re hanging out of your clothes it’s a bad look. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to dress cute or wearing a cute tank top or skirt, but make sure whatever it is isn’t too revealing. You want to make a good impression and it’s hard to focus on what you have to say when all they can think about is whether you’re about to pop out of you dress.

2. DONT cuss

While you may cuss on a day to day basis, recruitment is not the time to do so. Treat recruitment like a job interview. Cussing can make you look bad and uninterested.

3. DONT discuss the four Bs

For those who don’t know, the four Bs are Booze, Boys, Bible, and Barack(or Bush). 99% of PNMs are underage, meaning it is illegal for you to be drinking. While it may be something you choose to do, bringing up any illegal activity is going to look bad during recruitment. In terms of boys feel free to mention a bf if it comes up in conversation, but never ask about what frats they pair with for TGs/Mixers/DPs/etc or anything along those lines. Finally, politics and religion are two topics to avoid during recruitment. Everyone has differing opinions and beliefs. While you may be spirited about yours, it can be off putting to others who may have differing views.

4. DONT have inappropriate social media

Not every sorority is going to look at your social media. Some schools even attempt to ban looking at them prior to recruitment. But, in the event they do check out your insta, make sure it’s SFW. Private all the photos of you drinking, partying, or anything questionable.

5. DONT rule out chapters early

It can be easy to go through all the chapters at your schools social media and listen to gossip about them. In doing so, you can start to try and place yourself in certain sororities and rule out others. Don’t do this. Take anything you hear or see on social media with a grain of salt. Make your own judgements about each chapter during recruitment, not before. You may miss out on a chapter you would have loved.

6. DONT be rude

This should come as a given but it’s not. I saw rude girls both when I was recruiting and when I was getting recruited. Ignoring the recruiters question, insulting them, or glaring at them are all donts. You may not get along perfectly and it may not be the chapter for you, but the girl recruiting you has feelings to. Plus word spreads between chapters.

7. DONT freak out

This is one of the hardest ones to do. It’s totally fine to be nervous, or scared, or intimidated. But I promise you all that freaking out is going to do is make everything worse. You’ll make it through recruitment and everything will be okay.

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Good luck on recruitment! I hope you all find your new home away from home.

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