College Wardrobe Essentials – Sorority Edition

When I joined greek life I didn’t have any idea what it would actually entail. I had no women in my family who were in sororities and while my dad was in a fraternity it didn’t exactly prepare me well for what to expect. One of the things I really wish I had known was what clothing I would need. Below you will find all the clothing items that I needed outside of just typical college wardrobe essentials.

A White Dress

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A white dress is one of those things that most people won’t bring with them to college. However, almost every sorority requires that you wear white for their initiation ceremonies. Many of them have there first one the day after bid day, leaving you with less than 24 hours to find a white dress that you not only like, but that fits the dress code.

In terms of style of white dress, they normally need to be a bit more conservative (so no cut outs or low cut necklines) and cover your shoulders. You’ll also end up wearing this dress every semester after your first because actives are normally required to attend initiation events as well. I’ll put a couple examples above of styles that would work well.

Formal Dresses

This is one that a lot of people know they will need, but many people underestimate the amount of dresses they will need. Most of the sororities on mine and my friend’s campuses had a formal once per semester and two semi formals or date parties per semester. However, fraternities also have these events and you will likely attend a few of these each semester as well.

In terms of style of dress you want something like you would wear to a high school homecoming. Normally short dresses, but you can normally be a bit more out there with styles compared to high school.

Themed Outfits

Themed outfits are also another thing that you likely know you will need. Sororities have themed events, often called either TGs (themed gatherings) or date parties depending on what part of the country you are in. Some popular themes are decades, neon, skiing, beach, country, american, groutfit, and 2000s. If you have any items already that fit these themes they’re good to bring. I went ahead and linked some items that would helpful to have on hand if you don’t yet.

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Professional Clothes

Every week you will have chapter and the majority of sororities require that you dress up for chapter. The dress code is normally business casual (think sweaters, dress pants, plain solid tops, etc.). You may also end up having networking events hosted by your sorority where you will also appreciate having these clothes.

Dressy Shoes

Between formals, semi-formals/date parties, chapter, recruitment, and networking events you will definitely need a variety of dressy shoes. While you could get away with just one solid pair of nude flats or heels, you will likely end up wanting more styles to go with your outfits better. I recommend nude shoes, black shoes, booties, and some type of loafer or oxford. These will bridge all the potential categories and outfit styles.

Hopefully having these ideas for helpful clothing while in greek life will prevent you from trying to borrow from people in your dorm for the first few weeks.

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