College Wardrobe Essentials – Sorority Edition

When I joined greek life I didn't have any idea what it would actually entail. I had no women in my family who were in sororities and while my dad was in a fraternity it didn't exactly prepare me well for what to expect. One of the things I really wish I had known was… Continue reading College Wardrobe Essentials – Sorority Edition

College Wardrobe Essentials – Party & Going Out Edition

While everyone can use college wardrobe essentials, not everyone is interested or planning on going out or to parties. This one is also much more trend specific than others, but I included a bunch of basic categories to help keep this post as general as possible. Additionally, this post is geared towards students as schools… Continue reading College Wardrobe Essentials – Party & Going Out Edition

College Wardrobe Essentials

My College Wardrobe Essentials post is my most popular blog post every year, but I haven’t updated it since 2019. Here’s a more in-depth and helpful version, more aligned with current college fashion. While everyone has a different sense of style, here's my recommendations on the clothing items every college girl should have in their… Continue reading College Wardrobe Essentials

Best Amazon Active Wear

As a college student on a budget, amazon is an amazing resources for getting pretty much everything. Especially because the student plan is free for the first six months. I also try and take full advantage of the free gym membership and classes that I receive while on campus. Which combined with my athleisure style,… Continue reading Best Amazon Active Wear

7 Sorority Recruitment DONT’S

If you’re considering going through sorority recruitment, you’re bound to have gotten advice from friends/family/siblings/etc. Or you’ve begun researching recruitment and what it’s like. Regardless, it feels like everyone wants to tell you what to do, instead of what NOT to do. Here’s my list of sorority recruitment dont’s than anyone considering rushing should know.… Continue reading 7 Sorority Recruitment DONT’S

How to Pick the Perfect College Roomate

It’s early April, which means lots of people are receiving their college acceptance letters. With acceptance letters and choosing a college, comes filling out housing contracts. When considering housing options for your freshman year of college, it’s important to consider what the roommate situation will be like. Here is my guide to having the perfect… Continue reading How to Pick the Perfect College Roomate

50 Things to Do While Social Distancing

It's ya girl Katelyn. Back again with another post during this wonderful period of social distancing and lounging around at home. I'm officially on day 9, though this post won't be live until day 11. I made it to day 3 before I had a tiny mental breakdown and repainted my entire room with a… Continue reading 50 Things to Do While Social Distancing