September Blogging Report

Hi guys! Welcome to my September 2019 blogging report. Interested in how August went? Click here. I'm still a small blogger so please be mindful of that when looking at these results. Views: 1353 Viewers: 672 Most Popular Post: How to Set Goals in College This is the first month that I started using tailwind… Continue reading September Blogging Report

Budgeting as a College Student

When it comes to handling personal finances, most college students just bumble their way along and hope for the best. But this practice is so detrimental. It's so much better to start learning how to handle your money when you're in college, often before you have too many bills to pay. Additionally, future you will… Continue reading Budgeting as a College Student

How to Make Money Shopping

When people think about saving money when shopping or sticking to a budget, they never truly think about how they can MAKE money buying their groceries. As a college student who's trying to not go broke grocery shopping, here are the tips and ways I found to not only save money on groceries but to… Continue reading How to Make Money Shopping

Top 5 College Side Hustles

College can be an expensive time of life. Between tuition, books, food, Greek life, concerts, Uber's, and others the costs can start to add up. Read below for five ways to earn a little extra money in college. 1. If you have a car on campus this is the probably the easiest way to… Continue reading Top 5 College Side Hustles

College Summer Savings

With summer now in full swing, many students are working their summer jobs and trying to earn a little spending money. For me personally, I work a retail job and then any side hustle I can get. Whether that's babysitting, petsitting, reselling clothes, etc. Check out my post on side hustles here. With all the… Continue reading College Summer Savings

Every College Student Discount You’ll Ever Need

Welcome to college where everyone is busy all the time. This makes it hard to work and earn money, but even easier to spend money. It seems like everyone (or at least everyone I know) is either too busy to make themselves food and just grabs take out, or online shops away their stress. Student… Continue reading Every College Student Discount You’ll Ever Need