College Prep: Freshman Year

With July coming towards an end, August is coming up and that means heading back to school. When it comes to starting your freshman year if college, there can be a lot of uncertainty about what to expect and how to prepare.


Start off by thinking about your housing situation. If you’re like a major portion of students, you will be living in a dorm. As you should be getting information on what exact dorm/roommate you will have, see what you can learn about them. Many school posts information about each dorm room type and what it comes with/ may look like. Looking at these things can help you figure out what you should bring with you. In terms of roommates, if you haven’t yet see if you can find them on some form of social media and reach out to them. Even just talking to them a bit cuts out the feeling of living with a complete stranger. Plus, you can discuss who’s bringing what for your dorm so that you don’t overbuy.


If you’re commuting or bringing your car it is important to look at where you can park it and what kind of parking pass you’ll need. The last thing you want to do is show up for your first day and park in the wrong place and get a ticket or worst towed.


Another important thing to do over the summer is to map out where all of your classes will be for the upcoming semester and learning how to get there. No one wants to be the person that walks into their class 10 minutes late on the first day. Additionally, while you may want to walk to and from each class, it is important to think about what you will do during bad weather. Is there a campus bus you can take from one class to another. Is is faster to go through a building or to walk all the way around it? Is there a bike rack in front of your building that you can use? All of these are good things to know going into college.

Outside of just getting to and from class, it is important to know some other campus locations. Make sure you know where the nearest library or study spot is. It is also important to know where your nearest dining location is and what they serve. Many students also need to know where their student unions are when its time for career fairs and such. Finally, see if there’s anywhere on campus that you are interested in, such as coffee shops or gyms.

Mental Prep

One thing many people fail to prepare is mentally. Make sure that you are prepared for the tradition from high school to college as it can be very different. Many people choose to move out of state for school and it can be very scary to start over someone new on your own. Remember that there are plenty of other students struggling in the same way you are and know that you’re not alone. Feel free to reach out to friends and family or campus assistance if and when you need it.

Good luck to all of you incoming freshman, have a great school year.

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