Best Amazon Active Wear

As a college student on a budget, amazon is an amazing resources for getting pretty much everything. Especially because the student plan is free for the first six months. I also try and take full advantage of the free gym membership and classes that I receive while on campus. Which combined with my athleisure style, means I wear a LOT of activewear during the week. With that being said, here is my roundup of the best amazon activerwear pieces, including some dupes for other brands.

(Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission on all purchases made using them at no additional cost to you)

Sports Bras/Tops

Arlumi Longline Camisole Crop Womens Tank Tops / $22.98

Lemedy Women Padded Sports Bra / $20.99

These are the same top in different colors. I found these while looking for a dupe to a tank I love from MUSES only and they are the exact same. They come in tons of colors and are light to medium compression. So while I wouldn’t run or do HIIT in these, they’re great for lifting and yoga.


Hawthorn Athletic 7/8 Length Women’s Essential High Waist Yoga Pants / $25.99

I LOVE THESE LEGGINGS. They are 7/8 length on me, hitting right at my ankle (5’6″) and stay up while exercising. They are a popular dupe for the Lululemon align leggings and are super soft and comfortable. I would recommend these more for daily wear or low impact activities though as they can pill. They’re a 9/10 in squat proofness.

Lavento Women’s Yoga Pants High Waisted Nake Feeling 7/8 Length / $23.99

Another dupe for lululemon aligns, these pants are super soft and ankle length on me (5’6″). There are tons of colors, though I have the taupe and black. Like the Hawthorne Athletcis, they’re a 9/10 in squat proofness and better for lower impact activitis.

(these are the 2028)

Lavento Women’s Workout Shorts Lightweight Active 4″ Running Shorts / $16.99

For this product, there are actually two short styles. .The first is the more cotton pair (colors that start with 2029) and the second is a more sweat wicking material (colors that start with 2028). I really like these shorts for class, lounging, or outdoor activities. They’re high waisted and have a 4″ inseam. The drawstring makes them adjustable and the 4″ inseam keeps them from showing too much when you bend over in them. They come in a TON of colors too. I wear the 2028 for more athletic geared activities and the 2029 for daily wear.

Lavento Women’s High Waisted Yoga Shorts Tummy Control 3″ / $17.99

I wear these shorts for home workouts and around the house only. I have a smaller waist to larger hip and thigh ration and these fit me like a dream. I am however, not fully comfortable wearing them to the gym just due to the tight fit and short length, though you absolutely could. I’ve heard these are a good dupe for the Lululemon align shorts, but I dont own a pair of originals to compare to. Either way they’re super soft.


Frenchie Scrunchies / $12.95

I use these scrunchies to put my hair up in a bun when im working out. The material is closer to an athletic material and actually keeps my ponytail in a bun when I use them.

what are your favorite amazon activewear finds? comment them down below!

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