How to Set Goals in College

Whether your day to day life has started to get out of control, or you just need a new aspiration, setting a new goal might be for you. This goal can be anything from fitness, academics, social, and more.

1. Figure out what you need to improve on

The easiest way to pick a new goal is to pick something related to self improvement. No ones perfect and you wont ever regret doing something for yourself. Take some time to self reflect and figure out what you need help with.

2. Set a final goal

After you find your area of improvement, it is important to make a more specific goal. Are you trying to avoid the freshmen 15? Are you trying to loose the freshmen 15? Do you want to make dean’s list? Do you need to be more social? Are your finances out of control? Make sure that your goal is attainable but also requires you to work for it.

3. Create smaller goals that will help you reach your larger one

When you first start working towards a goal it is easy to be motivated, but as time goes on it can seem like you’re making no progress. That is why it is important to set small goals/steps to achieve your main goal. If you want to lose weight some smaller goals could be working out four times a week or giving up your favorite junk food. If you want to make the dean’s list things like perfect attendance or studying everyday can be your smaller goals.

4. Set a reward

While achieving your goal should be something that will make you happy on it’s own, but sometimes giving yourself a prize can help. The prize can be anything that you think will motivate you. Whether that is going out to a nice dinner, getting ice cream, going to concert, and more. I like to make my reward relate to my goal if possible. So if I were working on bettering my fiances, I may treat myself to a nice purchase. If I was trying to lose weight, getting some new running shoes would be a good reward.

5. Plan for success

If you really want to achieve your goal, it is important that you plan for success. You want to constantly remind yourself of your goal. Make it your home screen, hang it on your wall, put it in your planner or wherever else you’ll see it daily. Next, make yourself accountable. Tell a close friend or family member about your goal so they can hold you accountable. In addition, they may be inspired to join or help you achieve it. Finally, it is important to schedule in time to work on your goal every week. If you pick time during your week that is dedicated to the goal, then you can’t ever say that you didn’t have time.

6. Achieve

Finally, go out and achieve your goal. Get your reward and celebrate your personal success. Then, maybe even set a new goal to work towards.

I wish you all the best on your goal setting and goal getting.

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