How To Survive 8ams in College

Oh the dreaded 8 am class, the bane of the college student’s existence. Unfortunately, the likelihood that any student will make it through college without ever experiencing an 8 am is slim. While most 8 ams are taken by freshmen as they schedule last, occasionally required classes will only be offered at this time and you’ll be forced to take them. Personally, I had one 8 am freshmen year that was a 3 hour lab and I have another 8 am this semester twice a week. So here’s my tips to survive those early classes.

Set a Reasonable Alarm

While it can be tempting to set an alarm extra early and say that you’ll have this great morning routine, the likelihood is low. This also goes with people who set their alarm for 5 minutes before class starts. Set your alarm for about 30 minutes before you need to leave and this will give you enough time to properly wake up and get through a short morning routine.

Dress Up

It is much easier to fall asleep in early classes when you are wearing leggings and an oversized tshirt because they resemble pajamas. Instead try putting on jeans and a t-shirt or something even dressier. These “dressy” clothes will make you slightly less comfortable but they also get you in the awake mindset.

Eat Breakfast

While it can be tempting to spend the extra few minutes in bed instead of eating, breakfast can make a big difference in your energy levels. Eat something with protein to help increase your energy levels.

Prepare the Night Before

Preparing the night before helps cut down the amount of time you need in the morning to get around. Additionally, if everything is ready to go then your half awake self will still show up to class properly prepared. Some good things to do including packing your bag, charging electronics, picking an outfit, or even preparing breakfast in advance.

Treat Yourself

If all else fails and you need a way to force yourself to class, treat yourself. Maybe this is ordering a bagel or coffee from the shop on the way to class. Maybe this is treating yourself to a good lunch after class. If you’re having a particularly rough time with the class, maybe you need to give yourself an even bigger reward. Find something that you enjoy and use it as a reason to get to class.

I hope these tips help get you through those early 8 am classes, the way they helped me.

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