August Blogging Report

It’s crazy that I can actually officially say that I made some money off of this blog. While I didn’t make much, I remember reading about how some bloggers make six figures off their blogs (insane to me) and never being able to hear about any smaller bloggers who profit off there blog. Without further ado, here’s my blogging income from August 2019 aka my first month making money.

Views: 1,620


Amazon: $1.32

ShareASale: $0.00

Total: $1.32

Yeah that’s it. A whole $1.32. BUT, it’s a start.


Domain: $18.00

Total: $18.00

I did spend some money this month on the blog by purchasing a custom domain name. This honestly made such a difference and really made it look more professional.

My goal for next month is to make $5.00 off the blog, which hopefully happens.

Thanks for all the views and for using my affiliate links. I appreciate it.

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