College Night Routine

I’ve been super busy with classes the past two weeks and haven’t had the chance to write any new posts. I honestly don’t really know when this one will go up but hopefully soon. Anyway, I guess I should get to the point. Here’s my update college night routine for this year. If you want to check out my one from freshman year you can find it here.

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Im pretty much busy until at least 5 every day. The first thing I have to do is feed Hayes. Dinner is his favorite part of the day and he throws a fit otherwise.

After I feed Hayes I normally relax until around 7. This consists of anything from watch youtube or Netflix to taking a nap.

After relaxing I decided on what to do for dinner. (If you wanna post about healthy meals for college let me know)

After dinner I like to workout. Im currently in physical therapy so working out is normally not too intense. Sometimes its just walking around my apartment for a bit to get some steps in.

Post dinner and workout I shower. I can’t sleep if im not clean and my hair takes way too long to dry for morning showers to be an option.

Next its time to wind down. I light a candle and switch from my white light to my desk light. I’ve also been really into matching pajama sets recently so that has been a staple as well. My two current favorites are these from target and these from Victorias secret.

Then I start into my skin care routine. Eventually I want to make a whole post about this but right now im experimenting with what im doing so I want to wait until its more concrete.

I always end my skincare routine with taking some daily vitamins and then brush my teeth. I’ve also been trying to wear my retainer because I noticed my teeth have started shifting.

I normally get all my homework done during the day or in my free time at work. If I do have stuff to get done ill normally do it at this point of the night.

Finally, I hang out and relax until bed. I normally plug in my laptop and iPad for class the next day. I don’t really have a set time I go to bed but it’s normally by about 1.

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